Jair Martinez was born in Bogotà, Colombia in 1988 and has lived in Turin, Italy since he was 8 years old. His academic career has always been closely linked to the world of art – he started as a student at an Artistic Education Secondary School before attending the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin and then completing his artistic education in 2014 after attending the Advertising Graphics School.

During his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin he came into contact with the world of graffiti and felt the urge to explore other dimensions. His focus then moved from canvases to walls where intervention methods are more varied as regards different techniques, and where he felt he could display all the experience accrued through his years of study.

He started travelling around Europe participating to Jam and Graffiti Festivals and creating a wide network, not only in the Italian, but also in the European artistic scene. In Turin, his work and research emerges in different scenes while collaborating with and creating walls along with other artists from the region. This has led him to meet and establish close ties with extraordinary people.

“Life and death are always central to my work while surrounding them with an elaborated story which is composed of graphic elements which have immense value to me. The female essence, flowers which give dynamic force and interesting colours which afford a profound description of birth-related emotions and feelings. My artistic research draws from surrealistic pop culture both from a technical and idea conception point of view.

The construction of my works convey folkloristic visions rooted in the South American soul via a myriad of diverse elements and colours.”

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